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How To Add The Post Title After Read More (Jump Break)

Due to insistence by bloggers, Google finally added the jump break or "Read More" feature for blogger by default.

To customize the jump break, login to your Blogger account, select your blog and click Design. On the Blog Posts Section on Page Elements, click Edit. You can change "Read more" to "Read on" or "Continue Reading" or whatever word you find appropriate. Click Save.

To further customize the jump break feature click Edit HTML.

Check Expand Widget Templates then find the following code:

Replace it with

If you're having a hard time finding or can't find the first code given above, the second thing to for is

Place the second code below it.

What this code does is to add the title after "Read More of" (ex. Read More of How To Add The Title After Read More (Jump Break)).

To activate the feature, place the cursor after a couple of sentences then click on jump break icon. 

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